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A Year Of Delivering Blog Writing Services

Well my New Year’s Resolution for 2015 rather fell by the wayside back in November when work commitments took priority over blogging for my business once a week. If a ghost blogger can’t find the time to write a regular blog post, what hope is there for any other business owner?

It’s not just blogging that’s taken a hit, other resolutions such as to take time for myself and swim at least three times a week have also suffered. It’s the price most micro businesses pay when things begin to take off and get busy. The challenge is to ensure that you, the business owner, focus on your core competencies, and find ways to keep all the other balls in the air.

Outsourcing Blog Writing

For most businesses there are key areas you can outsource – jobs and tasks that take you, and your staff, away from your role: accounting, IT, HR, office admin and marketing. I’ve kind of outsourced the first four; I’ve embraced cloud accounting software, my IT requirement is also cloud based, and even my HR and admin revolves around cloud services such as using sites like People Per Hour. But marketing is one task that’s still firmly in my job description, one that I do have key skills in – I just don’t have the time.

Can a ghost blogger outsource blog writing to another writer? I suppose it would be a bit like an accountant getting someone else to complete his or her tax return, not impossible but somehow it doesn’t seem quite right.

However, I have been busy writing. In fact I’ve been doing the sums. Over the last year I calculate that I’ve written:

504 blog posts. That’s approximately 352,800 words, based on an average of 700 words per post – although many were much longer…

On top of this I’ve also written whitepapers, case studies and website copy totaling at least another 30,000 words! It’s been a busy year, no wonder I haven’t had time to keep on top of my own blog.

So what about resolutions for 2016, having failed this time around? To start with I will be resurrecting my ‘blog a week’ and ‘find time for myself’ New Year’s Resolutions. But I’ll also be adding in ‘outsource more’ to enable me to achieve this. I’ve already lined up some more help with the blog management side of my business – the uploading and optimisation of blog posts and creation of social media alerts to promote the post.

As well as this I will be looking at building my writing team, already I have some great blog writers on board creating blog content for clients, and supplementary services. We Love 2 Blog 4 You aims to provide a really relevant, specialist blog writing service to our clients, who cover a diverse range of sectors. This year alone I’ve gained expert insight and knowledge of the managed IT service desk sector, mortgages and housing, financial services, golf, translation services, online payment services and places of worship insurance! They might not tick your boxes but they all provide plenty of interesting content and writing opportunities.

In 2016 I’ll also be looking to partner with other businesses delivering complementary services. Already I work with marketing and social media agencies like Stop and Stare in Farnham, and Live and Social in Maidstone: both of which I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to clients in need of their services. Social media, SEO, PPC and other digital marketing services are all intertwined with content marketing and therefore building strong relationships with those that provide them is a natural fit for We Love 2 Blog 4 You.

On a personal level it’s the usual struggle of finding time for yourself, and family. Getting in the pool and swimming up and down for an hour every few days is good for my physical and mental health, and therefore I will be trying to turn off the laptop and head down to the sports centre. In fact, it’s not a bad place for drafting blog posts in my head.

If you would like to be part of We Love 2 Blog 4 You’s 2016 get in touch. Whether that’s as a blog writer, a supplier of services such as SEO or social media, or as a new client, I would love to hear from you. Happy New Year.

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