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Writing Blog Content To Fill Gaps In SERPs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify a blog topic that no one else is writing about but everyone wants to read? It’s a big ask, with over 2 million blog posts being published everyday, there can’t be many areas that haven’t been already covered.

But there are compelling reasons to dig out those topics and get blog writing if you can. Chances are that if your subject matter doesn’t have a wealth of content already written about it, it’s going to be fairly niche. Niche is a good thing as it helps you target your readers – especially those that you can convert into loyal customers. So the first thing you need to do before searching for blog ideas to fill the gaps, is to understand what your target audience wants.

What’s Missing From Your Blog Content?

I recently wrote about buyer personas and writing for your target audience and this is extremely important if your blog is going to meet its’ objectives – you can read about this in more detail here. But one thing every blog owner needs to know is where on their buyer or user journey your target audience actually are. Are the majority in the initial stages of research, where they’re just identifying that they have an issue or need that your business could help with? Or are they further down the line and now need to convince their boss and present a case for using your services, or buying your product?

At this point you may already have seen a gap in your content strategy, even if it’s not a gap that others have missed. Perhaps you’ve been providing plenty of content for readers who are researching their options or looking for answers to a particular problem, but not enough for those further down the sales funnel who want to understand how your product or service will fit into their lives.

Or you might be focusing your blog posts on one sector or demographic and have overlooked potential customers who could result in a much faster conversion. Another group that can often get ignored are your loyal customers. Are you writing content to keep them engaged, maintain customer relationships and ensure they keep returning for more?

Gaps In The Market

Having ensured you haven’t left glaring holes in your existing blog content, now’s the time to see what other people have missed out.

Google It: One way to do this is to try the various search terms that you believe your target customer would be using, and see what results you get. The more specific your search, the more likely it will be an area that is undersubscribed – bear in mind this may also reflect the number of people searching using these terms. However a small audience with specific needs that you can address could be a very good thing. You can double check the search term to see how popular it is using Google Keyword Planner.

When you’re researching possible search terms have a look at the bottom of the results. Google may also suggested some related terms and this can give you more ideas for content. In the screenshot below I searched for ‘tips for buying a house’, these are the other related terms Google suggest that could result in you discovering a gap in the market.

blog content, blog ideas


As you can see some of these terms are a lot more specific, like buying a house at auction or ‘what to do before buying a house’. These may point to gaps in the market that are searched for but don’t yield as many results.

What’s Everyone Talking About?

Another way to spot a gap in content is to monitor forums like industry / interest related LinkedIn and Facebook groups, Google communities, special interest online discussion forums (such as Stack Exchanges, Mumsnet, Tech Forum etc.) and sites such as If you find a topic that’s getting a bit of interest and you know you can write a great blog about it, check out how the subject fairs in search results and whether there’s a gap you can fill. Once you’ve written it don’t forget to post it back into that forum, could be that there are lots of potential customers just waiting for your blog post.

Keep An Eye On Trends

New trends are obviously a great way of getting ahead of the competition and filling any gaps in content. Predicting them is not so easy. Monitoring online forums, as suggested above, combined with watching industry news, social media and Google Alerts (for regular updates of new content related to specific keywords), will help you keep your content current.

Eventsjacking can also be a temporary way of gaining traction from a particular event or news story that relates to your business. If there are industry related events coming up, plan your content accordingly so you can benefit from anyone looking for information about it well in advance.

If you think I’ve missed a gap in the market and you would like me to write a blog post about a particular area of blogging, please let me know in the comments box below!

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