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Guest posts are an excellent strategy to get your website quality backlinks and expand your target audience. But how do you go about it, and are the benefits of guest posting really worth it? Read on to find out whether guesting blogging is something you should be doing for your business.

Guest posting means writing an article (post) for someone else’s blog. If you’re struggling to find time to post blogs on your own website, you may baulk at the idea of contributing content to someone else’s site, but guest blogging is a proven marketing and SEO tool; in fact for some clients I would recommend that they ditch their own blog and concentrate on getting their posts published elsewhere.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

There are 3 key reasons you should consider guest posting:

  1. Marketing: a guest blog in the right place can widen your horizons and expand your potential client/customer base. By choosing carefully where your guest posts go, you can tap into an established readership of individuals who are interested in your area of expertise. Through guest posting, you have an opportunity to market your business in a non-sales driven way. Use guest blogs to give yourself authority in your field, and add value both to your host’s site and your own business’ image.
  2. Networking: guest blogging builds relationships with other business owners and influential people in your field. By providing quality content, perhaps establishing a reciprocal arrangement, you will grow your influence in your sphere which will result in more recommendations, links and traffic to your website.
  3. SEO: how does guest blogging help your SEO when your post is on someone else’s site? Backlinks. Buried in your guest post are links to your website or blog. Not only will these help signpost your new audience to your business and services; they will also give you valuable backlinks that help your website’s PageRank. Find out more about backlinks and how they work in my blog on the subject.

Why would you want guest posts on your blog?

Why would you, or another website owner,consider featuring guest posts on your blog? Here are the main benefits to publishing guest blogs on your site:

  • “Free” copy: you know how difficult it can be to find time to write for your own blog, so the offer of 500-700 words with no effort on your part is going to be attractive. Of course you still need to publish it, and if the post needs editing and optimisation these things will take time. Therefore when contributing guests posts make sure you give quality, SEO-ed copy: make it easy for the host, and they’ll be more likely to take future offers of posts.
  • Association: getting an “expert” to contribute to your blog gives you kudos and authority in your field. Experts come in many guises: bonafide professors, industry experts, business owners, bloggers, if they’ve got something interesting to say and it fits with your company ethos, if it adds interest and value to your blog, then get them to guest post.
  • Reciprocal marketing: most people who contribute a guest post to your site will want to let everyone know about it. You benefit from their promotional efforts, and widen your audience to include their contacts and social media followers.
  • Variety of content: posting guest blogs is a great way to introduce variety into your blog. It allows you to publish posts on subjects you don’t have the experience to write on (subjects that are related to your business), and it also introduces a different voice to your blog.

If you think that accepting guest posts on your business blog is a good idea, then use this to convince other blogs to take your guest blogs. My next blog will be about how to write quality guest posts: guest blogs that get published unedited with all your backlinks in place! Have you had much success getting your guest posts published? If you have any questions or can contribute ideas for getting your guest posts accepted, please use the comments section below.

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