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What’s A Ghost Blogger and Could You Be One?

Here at We Love 2 Blog 4 You I provide a blog writing service for clients who don’t have the time or expertise in-house to do this themselves. This is often called ghost blogging as the posts are then attributed to someone within the company, rather than to the writer.

The advantages to the organisations who engage us are clear:

  • High quality content, written by a professional writer,
  • Regular blog posts written to an agreed schedule,
  • Employees can get on with their actual job (not have to write blog posts too),
  • Optimised content for SEO,
  • Promotion of blog posts via content alerts.

Our USP at WL2B4Y is that we don’t just write content to order; we first deliver a blog strategy so that all future blog writing is aligned with the client’s objectives. This ensures that blog posts are targeted at our client’s core audience and work towards their marketing goals. My philosophy is that to write high quality, relevant and focussed content, you have to really get under the skin of the organisation and build a partnership with them.

Once a blog strategy has been clearly set out, a content calendar is created with suggested blog titles. At this point the ghost blogger starts creating content, based on the agreed strategy, using the client’s voice and style, and with the client’s overall blog or marketing objectives in mind.

Benefits Of Being A Ghost Blogger

Recently I came across a blog post about the pros and cons of ghost blogging. The author focussed on the disadvantages, which included:

  • You’re not attributed to the post,
  • You can’t tell people about who you blog for without their consent,
  • Someone else takes all the credit.

This is all true, you do work very much behind the scenes and if your writing objectives is to have your name in lights, then perhaps ghost blogging is not for you. However, I know of a number of writers who ghost blog on the side and enjoy the recognition their “proper” writing gets elsewhere.

Why do they do it? Well, you get paid.

Personally I get more out of it than just a boost to my bank account. I get great satisfaction out of writing a well-structured, informative post, whatever the subject matter, and my clients appreciate this. The occasional bunch of flowers comes my way; and even when my contribution helped win one client “[industry] blog of the year” I wasn’t too sore that I didn’t get the accolades that went with it – well maybe a bit!

On top of this, writing is generally very flexible: if necessary I can work at 3am without it impacting on my clients in any way…

Is it for you?

If you’re interested in becoming a ghost blogger, get in touch. I’m always interested to hear from writers who would like to add blog writing to their repertoire. Email me, or use the contact form here and tell me a bit about yourself. I’m particularly keen to hear whether you have any specialist subjects, or interests that you would like to write about.

Any questions? Leave a comment below.

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