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Truly Madly Kids: a blogging success story

Truly Madly Kids: The UK Blog for Adventurous Families is the brainchild of photographer Natasha Shuttleworth, who founded this blog with six other photographers looking for an alternative way of promoting their businesses.

Content on the site is family and lifestyle orientated with posts from all seven founding members, plus guest bloggers. Sponsored posts help fund the venture, but the main purpose of the blog is to highlight the founding member’s photography. Since launching in March this year, TMK have had over 12,000 visits, statistics that will make most website owners very envious!

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Their success so far has much to do with the way they use social media: mostly Facebook. With all seven members sharing content on social media they have quickly built up an online network of fans. Combining this with shareable content (stunning imagery, subjects close to their target audiences hearts, competitions and fun downloadable printouts), it’s not so surprising how successful they have become. I think TMK is a brilliant example of how to make social media work for you, something other businesses should take onboard.

  • Create content that your employees want to share.
  • Set up a social media strategy that taps into your team members networks.
  • Build your brand and audience through viral marketing.

Of course the proof as to how successful a site like TMK is will depend on whether readers buy their services. As with any other business blog, regular posting will organically push your site up search engine rankings, engaging content will add value and generate shares, comments and likes; but does it increase your profits?

I certainly hope that Truly Madly Kids continues to be a success, not least because I have found an outlet for my more personal blogs: Diary of a Scout Leaders’ Wife. Great to find somewhere I can share non-corporate material. If you think I can only churn out recruitment and HR content, think again!

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    Here at The Farnham Hub we are keen to promote member’s businesses and build a community: online as well as off-line. This post by Jane at I love 2 Blog 4 You, highlights how a team effort can build your online presence, not least through a blog and other social media. We would like to replicate this model through the Hub by devoting a small amount of time to each others blogs and social media. All this involves is reading other Hub members’ posts, commenting, liking and sharing where appropriate, and engaging with each other through Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. We’ll do it, will you?

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