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The State Of Content Marketing

We maybe half way through 2015 but the issues, challenges and motivations highlighted in this infographic on content marketing remain the same.

B2B marketers identified content marketing as the most commercially important digital marketing trend for 2015, in a survey by Smart Insights and JBH.

But what about you and your business?

Are you channeling your marketing budget into this area? Do you share the same challenges such as measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing? What about your content marketing goals; top for marketers is to build customer relationships and loyalty?

And, are you like 56% of those surveyed, without any strategy in place?

If this is the case have a look at the ‘techniques and tips’ section, which shares some excellent content strategy tips.

Content Marketing Infographic

content marketing

I would be really interested to hear your experience of content marketing and specifically blogging. If you can spare a few minutes, please click on the link below and complete my State Of Blogging survey. You don’t have to be a marketer, or work for a large brand, I’m interested in sole traders as well as larger companies. Thank you.

Content marketing survey

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