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As well as an ever increasingly workload I also have to maintain this, my own blog, and I’m very conscious that I do not necessarily practice what I preach! Finding blogging inspiration to keep your blog up-to-date and provide a core audience with regular posts can be a challenge, especially with other demands on your time. This evening the fact that I haven’t blogged for almost four weeks was weighing heavily on my mind, so I looked for blogging inspiration on a tool I use regularly with my clients, and inspiration hit! Let me introduce you to Feedly*…

Feedly For Blogging Inspiration

Feedly is a tool that allows you to collate online content such as news and blog feeds. By adding the RSS feed of sites you want to follow you can see in an instance any new posts day by day, without having to clutter up your inbox with email alerts. The beauty of Feedly is that you can organise these feeds into your own collections and therefore categorise your online content. If you blog about a range of subjects you may find it helpful to use these collections to help you sift through multiple sources. For example if you are a recruitment agency covering several sectors you may want to collate RSS feeds that reflect these fields. Your Feedly dashboard might look at bit like this: blogging inspiration

Who To Add To Your Feedly Account

Once you’ve set up your Feedly account, you need to find some blogs and news feeds to follow. The first step would be to follow some of your competitors. Not only will this keep you abreast of what they are up to online, it will also help you spot any developing trends that perhaps you were not aware of. Next would be to find some influencers in your field. Search for commentators; those people who blog about the industry with their peers in mind. Finally, you may want to add feeds from industry websites and specific sections of news sites, not only keeping you in the loop professionally but also providing blogging inspiration.

Are You Suggesting That I Copy Someone Else’s Blog?

No! This exercise is not to find blog content that you can rip off. It’s about finding blogging inspiration. Someone else’s blog might suggest a new angle on an old subject, a different approach to your normal format, topically subjects that you should address, or flag up a news story you can comment on.

  • Top Tip: if you find an interesting post that provides you with some blogging inspiration, check out the comments on that blog too. Often other people’s comments can give you an even better angle to a story, providing an insight into how they have interpreted the blog and their opinions.

Feedly Is Great For Your Social Media Channels Too!

The content you curate on Feedly can also be shared through your other social media channels. For example if you find an interesting post on a subject related to your field but not worthy of a blog post on your own site, why not share via Twitter or LinkedIn instead? As you find that certain sites produce more relevant and interesting content than others, you may also want to engage more with their authors: commenting on blogs yourself, following and starting conversations on Twitter and building your profile through online networking.

Ultimately much of this engagement can also provide you with further blogging inspiration! If you would like a weekly blog idea delivered direct to your inbox, click on the link below.

* Feedly is not the only tool that allows you to curate online content, it’s just the one I use.

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