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Spelling Test! Check Your Posts Carefully!

I was an appalling speller at school, in fact after one spelling test the teacher took me aside to ask if “there is anything wrong at home?”, so it’s a bit of surprise to find myself writing for a career! As you can imagine spellchecks are a godsend; although if your spelling attempt is so far wide of the mark, they don’t always give the right answer. And it’s not just spellings you need to be aware of, misuse of words is common and spellchecks are not always intelligent enough to suggest the correct word.

Spelling and Grammar Snobbery

Ensuring your business blog posts are grammatically correct and spelling mistake free, is essential. Even though I have struggled with spelling in the past, it doesn’t stop me from being a bit snobby about other people’s mistakes and you may find your target audience is the same. Therefore it is very important to proofread your blog posts and check that you have not made any of these common mistakes: spelling and grammer Via Your Dictionary

“Affect” and “Effect” are two words that many people get caught out with, you find some specific rules and examples of use via the link above. I’ve also found this site, All The Troublesome Pairs, invaluable for checking those commonly misused or misspelt words. As I help my three children struggle with their spellings, I’m comforted to know that although they may have problems now it won’t necessarily mean that their enjoyment of the written word will always be diminished by their ability.

Fortunately they all possess a great vocabulary, so there’s hope for them yet! How’s your spelling? If you find this infographic useful let me know by leaving a comment below.

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