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How Social Media has Changed Us

Social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate and interact with businesses. Once upon a time we all engaged with the businesses we came in contact with on a personal level. We knew our bank manager, we visited our local shops, and instead of calling a 0800 number to buy in the services we needed, we called Mr Thingy-Ma-Jig or Mrs So and So.

Globalisation caused a move away from this localism, and in the process robbed us of the human element of our dealings with businesses. People became more interested in a brand and a company logo than the people working behind the scenes. And many of us embraced this anonymity, we wanted to deal with a brand not a person; we weren’t interested in a human story.

To me it appears as if we’re going full circle. Coupled with environmental concerns, reducing air / food miles, campaigns to support local shops and businesses, social media has changed the landscape encouraging us to engage with people again. We still love the brands, but we also want to know who’s behind them. We want to buy the product, and we also want to buy into the lifestyle of the CEO. Hands up who’s been secretly delighted when they’ve interacted with a brand on social media and had a response from someone purporting to be the head honcho at that company? It doesn’t really matter whether it was their PA tweeting a reply, the fact you got a human response rather than an automated “your enquiry is important to us” meant that business went up in your esteem.

So where does that leave small businesses with unglamorous products and services to sell? Your lifestyle may not be worthy of a spread in Hello magazine, but I’m sure your customers or clients would still like to connect with you. In fact for many businesses competing with other companies offering similar services, the people behind your logo become your USB.

Social media is a great way to promote your business’ human side; in corporate speak your business culture. Not least a business blog which can form the core of your social media strategy. Most popular business blogs owe their success to the people who author their blog posts. Clients want to find out what your consultants think about a particular pertinent issue. Customers want to know your team’s top tips or advice, and most of all they are all interested in your story. What makes you tick? What makes you an expert in your field? What are your predictions; whether it’s interior colour schemes or the global economy?

You may have a slick corporate, and faceless, website but you can inject some personality through a blog and use it to promote your business in a more traditionally social way. Let people connect with your Mr Thing-Ma-Jigs and Mrs So and Sos! Step out from behind your logo.

If you want to discuss developing a social media strategy for your business, and how a business blog can drive traffic to your website, get in contact or leave a comment below.

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