Optimising Blog Posts – A Simple Video Guide

My colleague at Live + Social, Ollie Whitfield, has created this very helpful video on optimising blog posts for SEO. Taking viewers through keyword planning, planning headings, meta descriptions, optimising blog copy, featured images, tags and embedding content (such as videos like the one below).

Optimising Blog Posts: Basic Training From Ollie @ Live + Social

Ollie is the Content and Community Manager at L+S and spends a lot of time optimising blog posts for clients, the Live + Social blog and training marketing teams on how to do this themselves. This video provides a step by step guide featuring an invaluable WordPress plugin called Yoast – we love it as it makes optimising blog posts so much easier! That said, it’s still possible to get it wrong, so watch Ollie’s video so you can get it right.

If you don’t have a WordPress website or blog, the principals of optimising blog posts remain the same whatever CMS you’re using. However you won’t have the traffic light system that helps you see how well you’re doing, you’ll just have to listen a bit more carefully to what Ollie has to say.

A word about keyword planning, as Ollie says in this video it’s vital to understand what keywords are relevant to your business and also individual blog posts. The Google keyword planner tool mentioned is free with an Adwords account – you can sign up for an account without actually having to run PPC campaigns and the data this gives you will really help to refine the keywords you use.

Does that help? If you’ve found this video useful I’m sure Ollie and the Live + Social team would appreciate you sharing it with your network!

If you need any further help optimising blog posts for your business, have a burning question or are just curious about something, please leave a comment below or email me directly –

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