Why You Should Want Keyword Backlinks

Keyword backlinks are the holy grail of backlinks. These are the ones which tell search engines what you do, as well as your URL. As you may have read in my previous post SEO: Backlinks Explained, often you have little control over the type of backlinks people give you; because most people will give you a straightforward business backlink that doesn’t count for much. However there are ways to get more quality keyword backlinks, just takes time and a little ingenuity.

What is a keyword backlink?

To recap a keyword backlink is a hyperlink using a keyword or phrase to link to your website. Instead of I Love 2 Blog 4 You, which is a business link, a keyword link looks like this: the person behind I Love 2 Blog 4 You is Jane Woodyer who is a business ghost blogger. This backlink will be given more weight by a search engine because it uses keywords relevant to the business. It’s therefore much more valuable to me.

How to create your own keyword backlinks

How are you going to get a keyword backlink if you’re not the person creating it? Well sometimes you can be person creating your own backlinks. For example, when you create links between different blog posts or areas of your website. If you are linking different pages on your site, use keyword backlinks instead of just the page name. If I want you to contact me I could say “contact me” and create a hyperlink that has no value whatsoever. Instead I can do this: “click on the link to contact a business blogger“. This creates a keyword backlink; as is the link in the first paragraph – “SEO” and “backlink” are both useful keywords for someone like me.

If you have several websites it makes sense to create keyword links between them. However, not such a great idea if your sites are for very different businesses. Relevance is very important and keyword links from sites that share the same subjects and keywords have greater value. One of my services are the Blogging for Business workshops which I run through The Farnham Hub. An ineffective backlink would be to link the Hub’s name to their site. Instead I’ve linked a keyword phrase to a blog post on their website: one that I’ve written for them. This is a much more effective backlink for everyone concerned, using my keywords and the Hub’s url.

  • Top tip: backlinks that take you deeper into a website are more valuable than those that only take you to the home page. Search engines reason that if you’ve taken the trouble to link to a page or blog post the backlink is more relevant.

How to get others to give your great keyword backlinks

Many businesses get links to their websites from business directories and similar. In most cases this involves a url link or business name link with no opportunity to get a keyword backlink. However it’s worth asking whether you can put a link into the description field for your business. Sometimes you can provide the text with the link and they are automatically copied and pasted in.

Lead by example. If you create links to other business websites, always give them a good quality keyword link. Then when they add your link you can ask them to reciprocate. If they don’t understand much about keyword backlinks, point them in the direction of this post!

If you ever provide a guest blog for another website, or articles for industry or local press, get some backlinks in there. You usually have an opportunity to include a biography where you can include a backlink. Don’t leave them to chance by letting the blog owner write your bio; provide them with a short paragraph yourself; including a keyword backlink.

Let’s help each other’s SEO by giving good quality keyword backlinks when we can. Please share this post through your social media with other website owners / authors and encourage them to get backlink savvy!

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