SEO And Google Penalties – Don’t Get Caught Out!

If the whole concept of SEO and particularly the notorious Google algorithm sends you into a panic, the possibility that you might be penalised for dabbling in SEO might make you run a mile! Fortunately the nice people at Quicksprout have come up with this infographic to help you stay the the right side of the SEO rules.

How To Avoid SEO Penalties

Instead of trying to manipulate the algorithm in your favour using black hat techniques, you should be:

  • Adding top quality content to your site in the form of relevant blog posts,
  • Using keywords in a natural and relevant way in your content,
  • Avoiding duplicate content on other sites, this includes LinkedIn long form posts,
  • Building your genuine social media followers to increase your reputation,
  • Guest posting on relevant sites only, and not too often on the same ones.
How to Avoid a Google Penalty
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
If you have any questions about SEO, blogging, and ways to avoid a penalty leave a comment below:

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