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Dos And Don’ts Of Scheduling Blog Posts

This week’s post was written a couple of weeks ago and scheduled in my CMS to be published today. My social media updates to promote the post were also scheduled a few days ago, and put into Buffer to be published over the next week or so.

You may also have received an email from me today with my blog idea for this week, which was scheduled using Mailchimp to be delivered to inboxes around the country.

Where am I?

Currently, judging from my travel itinerary, I will be trekking in the Siscaro Reserve in Andorra, on my summer holidays.

The joys of social media automation! Isn’t it great that you can schedule content to be published when you’re sitting on a beach in the Maldives, hiking in the mountains or while you’re in a meeting at the office?

Not only does this mean that you can keep your social media and company blog up-to-date when you’re busy doing other things; you can also get ahead of yourself by using spare time to schedule content in advance. For example, when you’re on your summer holiday you could write a few blog posts to be scheduled for later in the month…

However, there are a few pitfalls to using scheduling tools. So here are my dos and don’ts; let’s hope I haven’t slipped up with any of mine!

Scheduling Blog Posts And Social Media

Do use your blog’s CMS to schedule your posts. If you haven’t had a chance to write a post in advance, consider republishing an older relevant post by changing it’s publish date for a date in the future.

Don’t forget to check previously published posts for dated content. If appropriate you can remove any references to out-of-date material and refresh with more current information.

Do keep an eye on news and events while you’re away. You don’t want to publish content that is deemed as insensitive or inappropriate because of an event you have no control over. For example, an interview with an industry expert who resigns from their post in disgrace just as your blog is published!

Don’t blog about contentious subjects when you’re unavailable to comment. Save these for times when you can respond appropriately and get mileage out of your subject.

Do check you’re using the correct time zone. If you haven’t scheduled a post before you may not be aware of the time zone your CMS is using. Check the settings for your CMS so that posts are published when you want them to be.

Don’t fall foul of am or pm. If you’re scheduling your post to publish at noon, make sure that’s 12.00pm not 12.00am. Your blog post is going to have a lot less impact if it goes out when everyone’s asleep.

Do check links in your content. Broken links don’t leave a good impression and could mean a missed opportunity for business. Check that links work before you click “schedule”.

Don’t skip proofreading. Thoroughly check your content for typos, poor grammar and the misuse of words before you go away. Even better ask someone else to proofread it too.

Do use a scheduling app to promote your blog post while you’re away. Buffer and Hootsuite are free for a limited number of social media accounts and updates.

Don’t schedule the same update to promote your post on all your social media platforms. Personalise them and ensure that you write your updates with each platform in mind. 140 characters on Twitter (don’t forget to include the link URL in this character count), using appropriate hashtags; a more professional tone on LinkedIn; make sure you include an image on Facebook.

Do try to find the time to check your posts. If you can spare just a few minutes to check your posts once they have been published, you can save yourself a lot of aggro if something is wrong. If you haven’t got time to put it right, just unpublish the post until you have.

Don’t forget to cancel social media updates too. Even better get someone else to monitor your scheduled blog posts and social media updates while you’re away. It shouldn’t cost too much to ask a VA or Social Media Manager to check they’ve published correctly and sort out any issues.

Finally if you are on holiday when your blog posts are being published, remember to have a good time!

You can follow my adventures in Andorra this week via my personal blog Getting Away From Minecraft.

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