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Ideas For Repurposing Blog Content

Recently I’ve been working with a couple of clients on repurposing blog posts. This is an excellent way of getting more mileage out of your blog content, particularly those evergreen posts that form the backbone of your blog content.

Repurposing Blog Posts Into Infographics

Your Business Hub is a network of business support, training and local business networking facilitators. One of their most popular blog posts is The Ultimate Checklist For Your Start Up, squarely aimed at one of their target demographics – start up entrepreneurs. This blog post not only provides a comprehensive list of the various factors that need to be addressed when starting up a business, but also links to more detailed blog posts on particular aspects of this.

It’s been a very popular post with a lot of traffic and has generated some excellent leads for the business, so it makes sense to reinvent the subject and repurpose this blog post.

We decided that the subject matter would lend itself to an infographic. We also wanted to create something that people would not only want to link to, but also embed on their own website; increasing the reach of the content and raising brand awareness. To this end the infographic format is ideal; a visually interesting resource that’s very accessible and easy for other website owners to include on their sites.

The first step was to condense the blog post copy into text that would work effectively in an infographic. This was relatively easy as the post featured a series of bullet points. These needed to be edited to make them more concise, the opening paragraph rewritten so it was more direct, and an effective CTA added to drive readers to the Your Business Hub website – remember the purpose of the infographic is not just to share it on the client’s website, but also to get it shared on 3rd party sites and drive their visitors to Your Business Hub.

After this it was just a question of finding a designer to create the infographic. We used Jessica F on People Per Hour – I would highly recommend her! The infographic has only just been published but next steps will include a series of blog posts covering specific aspects of the resource, and a PR campaign to encourage suitable 3rd party websites (i.e. those that share Your Business Hub’s target audience) to feature the infographic on their sites.

You can see the results of this project at the end of this blog.

Repurposing Blog Posts Into Slideshares

I’ve also been working with another client on repurposing one of their blog posts into a slideshare presentation. Unfortunately they have to remain nameless, but the process has been the same although we’ve been able to produce the presentation in-house.

Using a blog post about the ‘risks associated with outsourcing IT in the banking sector’, we have created a presentation sharing the challenges and solutions associated with each specific risk. The penultimate slide promotes the company’s IT solutions and drives viewers to their website. Then the following slide shares contact details and encourages viewers to connect with this company through their social media channels.

Slideshare is fantastic platform for B2B companies, owed by LinkedIn content can be optimised for SEO and is searched and indexed by search engines like Google. My client’s presentation has now been uploaded to their Slideshare account where it will gain views independently on this platform. It can be shared, liked and even downloaded so other people can use your resource – therefore the intention should be to provide a useful resource that helps you reach new prospects and generate leads.

This presentation will also be embedded into a blog post on my client’s website; providing additional content to share on their site, on an evergreen subject that they provide a solution for. Elements (the risks) of this slideshare will be broken down and explored in more depth in subsequent blog posts, and also form part of an email campaign targeted specifically at the banking sector.

Have a look at your popular, evergreen blog posts and see whether they have the potential to be repurposed as a slideshare or infographic. Alternatively you may find that you have a number of blog posts that could be combined to create an eBook or whitepaper – this resource could then become a download on your website that you can share in future blog posts.

Here’s that infographic from Your Business Hub. If you have any questions about repurposing blog content, leave a comment below or get in touch directly.


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