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Repurposing Blog Content: For An Easy Life!

Most companies will find that there are a few blog posts they return to again and again. They’re the type of evergreen content that really sums up their area of expertise: the challenges, problems and desires their customers have, and how they help their customers to address these.

When you have posts like these you will want to share them repeatedly, and when looking for new ideas for your blog you may consider writing new versions of these posts so that they continue to feature heavily on your blog. This is fine, if the content is still relevant keep promoting it on social media or point prospects and leads to it in your email campaigns and so forth. However, you might also like consider reinventing this content into something new and different – repurposing it into alternative forms of content that can give your blog a new lease of life, and also promote your business on other channels too.

Repurposing Blog Content: Slideshare

This presentation is from a talk I gave at The Farnham Hub on ways to turn those definitive blog posts into more content. Maximising content so it really delivers value for your business. Although these steps won’t necessarily save you time, they will enable you to reach your target audience in different ways and recycle those subjects and themes your business needs to talk about.

Unfortunately content creation is never going to be really easy, however there are ways to lessen the burden and still produce good quality blog content. As you can see I’ve been practising what I preach by repurposing this presentation into a blog post!

You may also like to read this post on how to embed a presentation into a blog post so you can do the same.

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