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How To Write The Perfect Blog Post: Checklist

So you think you’ve written the perfect blog post? Excellent, but it’s only the perfect blog post if your target audience wants to read it, and if it then converts those blog visitors into leads for your business. To help you maximise the potential of your perfect blog post, here’s my checklist for giving it the best chance ever:

Checklist For A Perfect Blog Post

Your Blog Post Headline

  1. Is your headline going to grab anyone’s attention? It doesn’t have to be sensational like a tabloid newspaper headline, but it does have to be of interest to your customers.
  2. Is the headline / title relevant to your content? Don’t dupe readers into visiting your blog or your bounce rate will rocket!
  3. Have you included a keyword or long tail keyword in your title? It will help search engines find your content, but make sure that keyword is what your target audience are searching with.

Introduction / First Paragraph Of Blog Post

  1. Does your introduction address your subject matter in an engaging way? Try posing questions or opening the post with a quote to get readers to sit up and pay attention.
  2. Does your intro explain why visitors should read your post? Setting out a problem they need answers to, or enticing them with the promise of valuable insights or entertaining content?
  3. Are you using short sentences that include relevant keywords and related terms and phrases? Short sentences are easier to read: “When You Write More, People Understand Less” Government Digital Service.

 Your Blog Content

  1. Have you planned out your content so that you cover all the points you need to make in a logical and concise way? ‘Storytelling’ is a much over used phrase these days, but it addresses how to make your post flow and engage your audience.
  2. Are you adding value through your content? Remember what you promised at the beginning, do you deliver?
  3. Is your content relevant to your target audience and your business? Your target audience may be interested in all kinds of subjects but that doesn’t mean you should blog about them all!
  4. Have you backed up your content with stats or primary research from trusted sources? It helps to validate what you say or claim with links to well-respected 3rd parties.

The Appearance Of Your Blog

  1. Is your blog post easy to read and navigate through? Not only will short sentences help, but short paragraphs too.
  2. Have you used headers, bullet points and other formatting tools to help your visitors find the information they need? These tools can also help your SEO when you include relevant keywords in them.
  3. Does your blog look ‘nice’? Size, colour and type of font, whether your text is on a white background or not, and the physical space your blog posts occupy on your website, will all affect it’s readability.
  4. Have you included images to illustrate the post? Not only can this improve the appearance of your blog but will also entice visitors to your post when shared on social media etc. Read Will photos of cute kittens get more traffic to your site? for more on choosing images.

Converting Blog Visitors Into Leads, Prospects And Sales

  1. What is the ultimate objective of your blog post, and have you included a CTA that will help fulfil this? Click Here For 7 Compelling Calls To Action
  2. Have you included links to other content or webpages that will help convert your blog visitors into potential customers?
  3. If you have linked to external sites have you ticked the ‘open in new window/tab’ box so that blog visitors don’t navigate away from your site?
  4. Can visitors easily find important information about your business services or products from your blog posts? For example, clear signposting to other areas of your site from the menu or sidebars.

 Blog Post Promotion

  1. Do you have a strategy in place for promoting your blog posts? For example, sharing on social media, email newsletters or targeting specific groups or individuals such as journalists, industry experts and other influencers who might share your blog posts further.
  2. Is it easy for your readers to help promote the blog post for you? Are your social sharing buttons prominent on your post; are you using plugins such as Click To Tweet that allow readers to tweet quotes and a link directly from your post; can readers email your post to a friend or colleague?

Once you’ve worked through this checklist your blog post really will be perfect!

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