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How to not to write a boring business blog


Not another boring business blog post… Is that what people sigh when they open your latest posts? If they open them? A business blog doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s about business. Your business is exciting isn’t it? At least to you; therefore convey this to your readers! That said it’s hard to imagine how an accountancy firm can make completing your tax return sound exciting, but that’s missing the point. The point is that business blogs are about providing a range of posts that inform and entertain your target audience. And that’s the difference. Your blog will never be boring if you pitch it right at your target audience.

What does your target audience want?

You may have a burning desire to write all sorts of fascinating blogs on your area of expertise; but if your target audience is not interested in those topics it becomes a vanity project. Before commencing a business blog you need to understand what your target audience wants. What do they search for online? What interests them? What will make them take notice of your blog when they could be spending their time on Facebook or getting on with work? If you don’t know who you’re writing for, how will you write anything they want to read?

Blog like a human being

Just because you’re writing a business blog does not mean you should write it like a corporate brochure. People expect blogs to be written by other people. It’s one of the ways a business blog adds value to your brand, by giving an insight into the people behind your company name; your opinions, your motivations, your experiences. Address your reader, ask them questions, engage with them. Use “I” if you’re talking about your views, “we” if you’re talking about your team. Use the same kind of language as you would if you were having a conversation: jokes, sarcasm, personal info (your pet’s names etc.), pop / sport references, what’s going on outside your window.

Be creative

A business blog does not have to consist purely of carefully worded articles running to approximately 500 words. A post could simply be a photo with a short explanation, a video, a slideshow, an infographic, a cartoon, even a quote. As long as it’s relevant to your target audience, there’s no reason why you can’t vary your posts to include different styles of blogging. Why not look at your overall blog content and build in alternative content; break up those wordy posts and offer some light relief from “boring” subjects.

Edit, edit, edit

Blogs get boring when they are repetitive and long winded. Be ruthless and cut out the crap. Short sentences help too. In fact punctuation is your friend. Most readers scan a post first; punctuation and formatting really helps to deliver a better reading experience. It’s always sensible to ask someone to proofread your posts, not only to check for typos but also to give you feedback on whether your post works, or not.

Can you add to this? How can you make a boring subject interesting to your readers? Please share your ideas below.

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