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How To Blog For Boring Businesses

OK, I didn’t say your business is boring but if you’ve clicked through to read this post then maybe that’s saying something… I hear frequently business owners saying, “I understand the benefits of blogging but who’s going to want to read about xyz”.

My answer to this is that the majority of blog posts are never actually going to be about your boring product or boring service! In fact your blog posts can be the antithesis to your boring business, sharing exciting insights into your sector and the challenges your customers face.

Boring Is In Demand

If you’re an established business, or have identified a demand for your offering, you know that consumers do want your product or services; however boring they may be. With your target customer in mind it becomes easier to identify key subjects that they would be interested in, for which ultimately your product provides a solution.

Take for example an accountancy practice. Tax, bookkeeping, PAYE etc. is hardly the most exciting of subjects, but something many of us need support with. Therefore an accountant should be thinking about the most common issues their client’s face, the most frequent questions they get asked, and the related problems that a potential client might search for. This could include blog posts about specific issues with tax returns, not widely exciting but interesting if you’re searching for this kind of support.

Different Kinds Of Boring

The other thing to remember is one person’s boring is another person’s interesting. I hope I don’t offend anyone by using trainspotters as an analogy, but their reputation does precede them… Many people view trainspotting as a boring activity, and by default trainspotters themselves. However trainspotters actually find trainspotting very interesting, and therefore they also find each other good company.

For a boring business there are many other businesses and people out there who actually do find their sector or area of expertise interesting; and they will want to read about it. These individuals might not be your target customers, but they could be useful associates for promoting your blog posts, and therefore your product. This is about influencer marketing, writing content for those people who will share and promote it on your behalf. Have a read of this blog post on extending your reach, for more information on using influencers.

Is Your Company Culture Boring?

There are plenty of businesses that provide ‘boring’ services but are great places to work. If this is the case for your company then this gives you a real USP that will help you market your business through your blog posts.

Consumers are increasingly using a company’s blog to get a feel for the organisation overall, and whether or not they want to buy from them. If you have great company culture, passionate employees, and excellent customer service, you can convey this through your blog posts.

This can be done by using your expert staff to write content and share their expertise; by occasionally blogging about the extracurricular activities you get up to (whether that’s your support for local charities; or the business sports league you play in); and by sharing what it’s like to work with your business from a client’s perspective (case studies etc.). Give potential customers some good reasons to support your business, instead of going to a competitor.

Variety Isn’t Boring

Next up, let’s think about mixing up your blog content a bit. Blog after blog of wordy posts about a rather boring subject might not get people to stay on your site for long, so vary your content. Here are a few ideas:

  • How tos: Pare down some of your lengthier posts into easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.
  • Interviews: Pick an industry expert, a related business, a supplier or even a loyal customer and interview them about the challenges they face, or their thoughts on industry trends or news.
  • Case studies: These can be particularly effective because people will identify with the subject of your case study.
  • Videos: Repurpose your own video content or share a 3rd party’s clip to illustrate a particular subject or process.
  • Infographics: Great for sharing statistics or processes, and very shareable. Create your own for maximum effect or share other people’s if aligned with your business.
  • Presentations: Slide decks can also be embedded in blog posts and provide an alternative way of viewing key points supporting your chosen topic.

Whatever your business, there’s always plenty of scope for blog posts. If you’re stuck for inspiration why not sign up for my weekly blog ideas, click on the link below:

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