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Free Getty Images for Bloggers!

Last month Getty announced that they are making 35 million images available for bloggers to use for free in their posts. A case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. If you read my previous post on how to insert images into your blog, you’ll know that my sympathies lie with the photographer whose work can be devalued in the process. However illegal usage of photos is rife across the web, hard to police and deterrents ineffectual.

What Getty is doing is not dissimilar to what Creative Commons License does; allowing limited use of an image accompanied by a photo credit and link back to the Getty site. Photographers who allow their images to be used through CC hope that this increased exposure will result in commissions or requests for high res versions of their images for advertising. Having your photographs featured in blogs around the world becomes another marketing tool.

How to embed Getty Images into your blog

The image above demonstrates what you get when you embed a Getty Image into your blog post. There are limitations, for example you can’t resize the image or justify it right or left (perhaps someone has some handy html code to do this?). Certainly this rules usage out for some of my clients who have a preference for formating their blog posts in a specific way. Equally those clients who use a featured image in their blog won’t benefit for the Getty embed tool.

However some of us do have the scope to include these images in our blogs, so this is how to do it:

  1. First off visit the Getty Images site and search for photos.
  2. Hover over the image to check whether the embed symbol is present.getty images blog post
  3. Click on the symbol and copy the embedding code directly into your blog post.embed getty images into blog post
  4. Preview your post to see what it looks like.

The Getty Images embed tool works much in the same as YouTube’s, and also allows social sharing to Twitter and Tumblr. For the blogger is means access to stock imagery as well as editorial; sports events, fashion, and celebrities. The embed code can also be pasted directly into your Facebook status updates, allowing you to illustrate your musings with quality images.

What do you think about this move from Getty Images? Will you be using their images in your blog posts in future?

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