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Do I Need A Ghost Blogger For My Blog?

My New Years Resolution for 2015 was to write and publish a blog post per week for We Love 2 Blog 4 You. So far I’ve kept to it, although in recent months it’s become harder and harder. My blog publishing day has slipped from Monday to Tuesday, and this week has been a particular struggle – it’s Thursday morning and I’m currently writing at an unearthly hour with the rest of the house tucked up in bed. It shouldn’t be like this!

This is a common problem I share with many other small business owners: finding the time to write a company blog, and prioritising how you spend your time overall.

Earlier in the week I spent a few hours invoicing clients, an essential job and one that should be a priority to ensure that the money flows in. But should I have been doing it? If I had outsourced this to a 3rd party I could have written this blog instead.

Should You Outsource Your Company Blog?

It all comes down to where your core competencies lie and what is the best use of your time for your organisation. Just as I should be outsourcing all my bookkeeping and accountancy needs to enable me to spend more time blogging for my clients, my accountant should be outsourcing their blogging requirements to allow them to focus on their job.

This is true for any SME. I may be a micro business without the support of a team of staff to write my blog, balance my books, run my IT, find new business etc. But even if I did have ‘people’ would blog writing by a good use of their time?

Many of my clients with 20+ employees either struggle to create content in-house, or simply wouldn’t dream of it. Their teams are focussed on doing their ‘real’ jobs whether that’s in recruitment, video production, IT, property or financial services. Blog writing is always low down on their list of priorities as there are plenty of other things they should be doing.

That’s not to say it’s not a valuable resource that should not be prioritised. Content marketing through blogs, video, social media, whitepapers etc. builds trust and authority among your ideal customers, builds relationships and loyalty and drives sales without the ‘hard sell’. But it’s an area of your business that is easy to outsource to an expert, just as outsourcing my bookkeeping should be for me.

Even when your organisation is of a size when you have an in-house marketing manager, blog writing is still a good area to outsource. I work with a number of companies that are publishing 2-3+ blog post a week and their internal marketing teams would struggle to create this amount of content in-house. Blog writing is time consuming, requires specialist skills and, crucially it’s virtually impossible to multi-task while doing it!

My business has grown rapidly over the last year and I now have a team of reliable freelance writers to ensure that We Love 2 Blog 4 You delivers high quality blog content to our clients. However, I don’t think I’m quite ready to outsource my own blog writing yet – next week I will try to get this blog out on time!

If you have any questions about outsourcing your blog content to a specialist blog writing service please leave a comment below, or get in touch directly –

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