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You’ve been told (by me) not to use your blog for sales pitches, but then you’re also told to include a call to action (CTA) in your post. Aren’t these one and the same? Well they could be, but let’s be a little more subtle than that.

Of course, first off you need to have some idea of what you want to achieve. Naturally, as a business blogger you’ll ultimately want to convert visitors into sales, but by avoiding the sales pitch trap. This is more of a nurturing process so instead you need to consider what steps your readers might take first before reaching for the phone, or their credit card.

Whatever your objectives your call to action needs to be compelling. Clear, concise instructions using words that are emotive and give your readers a reason to act, work best. But what could these CTA actually be? Here’s my top 7 list:

Top 7 CTAs For Your Blog Posts

  1. Leave A Comment: Top of the list ‘leave a comment’ is an obvious way to engage with your readers. Here’s your opportunity to start building a relationship with a potential customer by having a conversation. So if someone does leave a comment make sure you reply and build on this. Example: “Share your favourite CTAs by leaving a comment below.”
  2. Share On Social Media: Whilst nurturing individual readers is important you also want to reach a wider audience. Visitors to your blog will also have friends, family and colleagues who could be interested in your posts, and ultimately your business offering. Although you may have social media sharing buttons displayed on your blog post, not everyone thinks to use them; therefore a “If you’ve found this blog post useful please share with your social media network using the buttons below” could be all they need to do it.
  3. Join A Mailing List: Capturing email addresses is an objective for many business owners, allowing you to contact potential customers directly. However, you’ll need to make it sound a lot more enticing than “sign up to my mailing list”. For example, “Get a weekly blogging idea direct to your inbox here.”
  4. Further Reading: Converting visitors into leads and sales is about building trust. Your blog is the ideal vehicle for demonstrating that you’re a trusted source of expert information, so your CTA could be to read another related blog post. If you’re clever you could gently push your readers through a lead nurturing funnel of relevant blog posts.
  5. Continue The Conversation: Blogging should be like having a conversation with your readers, so when they get to the end of the post they might like to continue the conversation elsewhere. You can use the CTA “leave a comment” but alternatively you could suggest they pick up the phone or send you an email. Avoid the sales pitchy, “contact me for further details of how I can help you”, instead go for something along the lines of “if you have any questions about xxxxx, call me for a chat and I’ll take you through it in more detail”.
  6. Offer A Free Download: Another way to capture email addresses is to offer a free download such as an ebook in exchange for those vital details. Make sure your offer is related to your blog post (particularly if you write content for more than one target audience), and that your download really provides your readers with value adding content.
  7. Embed A Call To Action: Here’s a way to join all the social media dots. Embed a social media update sharing your CTA and a link to your blog post, or another area of your site. Alternatively you could install a plugin such as Click To Tweet that will create a tweetable update in your post.


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