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Can You Outsource Your Company Blog?

A company blog is an excellent content marketing tool that can deliver real value: attracting, engaging, retaining and converting readers into customers and clients. However, it is a huge drain on your time, particularly if you are also responsible for other marketing activities or business functions.

There is no way around it, researching and writing quality content will always take time, however fast you type! Then there is the question of expertise, you may be an authority in your field but are you also an expert content writer, do you have the skills to optimise blog posts, and can you write engaging copy to promote your posts?

Outsourcing is the answer, and as the infographic below from Blogger Sidekick demonstrates there is really no aspect of your company blog that cannot be outsourced either in isolation or together.

Key Benefits For Outsourcing Your Company Blog

  • Time: get someone else to do it and you will have time to pursue other activities and focus on what you do best,
  • Expertise: whether you outsource all aspects of your blog to one content provider, or to individual specialists, you will get an instant injection of expert help raising the quality of your blog content and its effectiveness,
  • Costs: with many outsourcing models the costs to your business go down once you outsource to someone. Consider how much your time is worth, or that of an employee, compared to outsourcing specific tasks,
  • Performance: as well as gaining expert blog support, which will result in better results from your content marketing; you or your employees can use your time to drive performance and profitability in your key areas instead,
  • Flexibility: outsourcing offers a scalable solution that can be turned on or off, scaled up or down as your business grows or responds to change.

Have a look at all the jobs that you could be outsourcing below and see whether you could benefit from getting some tasks done elsewhere:

outsource, company blog

This infographic was originally published on Blogger Sidekick

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