We Love 2 Blog 4 You

We Love 2 Blog 4 You provides a blog writing and blog management service for businesses who need support with their company blog. We have a reputation for high quality, engaging and value adding content that drives traffic to your website.

Ghost Bloggers

Not every copywriter understands how to write great business blogs; which not only need address the company’s target audience using the right tone of voice (multiply voice’s in the case of large teams), but also need to include SEO and content engagement tools too.

As well as their ability to write engaging and thought-provoking content, We Love 2 Blog 4 You’s ghost bloggers are selected for their industry-specific knowledge to work on our client’s blogs: a prerequisite if ghost blogs are to be written with confidence, authority and insider know-how.

Blog Managers

Our Blog Managers are your day-to-day contacts for reviewing and publishing your company blog. They are an important part of content control, ensuring that only great quality blog posts get passed them whether they come from ghost, guest or in-house bloggers. They also have excellent SEO experience so all blog posts are optimised effectively for your core business offering. Finally, they are brilliantly organised, juggling posts from various sources and ensuring they are published on time.

Blog Strategy

I personally undertake all blog strategy and training for your company blog, whatever additional services you require. As with any other area of your business to be successful you require a clear strategy, yet so many companies overlook this when it comes to their blog.

The process may also dispel a few myths as to what a company blog actually is. Although an important element of your online marketing, blogging is distinctly different from most other marketing and advertising activities as you are not actively selling your product or services. Or at least not blatantly…

Jane Woodyer

jane-woodyer-blog-strategistJane is the founder of We Love 2 Blog 4 You, starting off as a freelance blog writer, after years working in advertising and marketing. She has won awards for her blog writing, although as a ghost blogger she can’t reveal what and for who!

Jane loves a well crafted sentence whether it’s about recruitment; creative and digital communications; engineering; the music industry; childcare; SME advice; marketing; finance; property; IT; travel; and of course blogging. When not at the keyboard you might find her clocking up lengths in the swimming pool, or running around after her 3 children.


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